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Zero Fees, Students Can Apply SoFi

Amount: $5000-50000

Term: 3 to 24 Months

Interest: 12.5% / Year

Applicant Conditions: American Resident (18-45 years old)

Application Information: 1.Personal Information 2.Bank Account

Loan Product Introduction:

Surely, you’ve heard about student loans causing high levels of stress among people. It’s a kind of debt that hunts everybody even after getting married or having kids. Regardless of that, people still get one for the purpose of achieving their milestones in life and it seems like lenders have a radar to detect this population. Today, we have Social Finance inc., also known as SoFi, as tycoon that dominates the student loan industry. This refinancing institution is recognized for targeting students from high-ranked universities who have the potential to earn high income in the future.

What’s great about SoFi is that it provides fringe benefits to graduates and students. These features include access to financial planners, events for members, and counselors for those who are seeking advice for their careers. It also has events that invite borrowers to mingle with other people through its network. This is some kind of relationship-building process the company does for marketing and networking. Its clients are loving this simple act to get them connected even in a simple way. SoFi is really good at doing that, proving that it’s not only a lending company but a community for graduates and borrowers too.

Aside from that, this company offers both private and federal student loans. Its flexibility and versatility allow borrowers to choose from different loan products. There’s even a special program for medical and dental graduates! Also, SoFi does not charge any prepayment or origination fees in case the borrower wants to pay the loan earlier than his/her due date. Some companies impose penalties when this is done. You will definitely save a lot of money for using the services of this loan institution. Usually, small debt firms use prepayment as opportunities to charge more to their clients, which is not a good way to handle customers.

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