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Apply Online In < 15 mins, High Approve Rate Purefy

Amount: $15000-60000

Term: 3 to 36 Months

Interest: 11.5% / Year

Applicant Conditions: American Resident (18-55 years old)

Application Information: 1.Personal Information 2.Bank Account 3.Passport

Loan Product Introduction:

Student loans are not new anymore. There is a great population that relies on this kind of debt in order to finance their studies since 1958 when the first federal student loans were introduced in the American market. Today, there are a lot of companies that offer flexible loan terms like Purefy, a financial institution that has different lenders around the world. This company has gained a lot of positive feedback and negative opinions from graduates and borrowers. And this is helping future borrowers make background checks and evaluations before deciding to get a loan.

What’s to love about Purefy is its flexible interest rates from 3% to 7.34% on variable-rate loans. Compared to other companies in the market, these are already pretty good figures. Borrowers use these rates to manage their finances in a more effective way. Also, when making auto payments, the company is giving 0.25% to clients.

Before, Purefy was an independent loan entity. Now, it has a partnership with PenFed and Citizen’s Bank. Multiple lenders are available, which means that are more borrowers being granted loans and other services by the company. PenFed provides consolidation of student loans into one loan for married couples, no credit checks, and refinancing parent PLUS loans in the name of the borrower.

Also, Purefy gives benefits and perks to graduates who will avail of its federal loans. However, the greater the benefits, the higher the interest rates. You should know that before you apply for any federal loan products so you can get an estimation of what you will pay in the future. The lender also approves applications easily. Unlike many other companies that do deep credit checking, Purefy is very transparent when it comes to sharing the approval data of its clients. In case you are curious about how they approve, you will get enough information from the company.

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